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Tool shop
In a foundry a fundamental role is constituted by the tool shop department, the area where the molds are prepared.
Our experience moved us to the construction of the most efficient systems available on the market, mixing the different technologies of our technical baggage.
In the furnaces, thanks to the optimization of internal flows and the presence of automatic doors dedicated to the single area, we have found a very high level of homogeneity and efficiency.
Our company can supply all the equipments for the tool shop department, in particular:
  • Furnaces for molds for distension at 350 ° C
  • Furnaces for molds for maintenance at 100 ° C
  • Paint booths for molds, highly advanced, including lifting platforms and rotary tables
  • Paint mixers
  • Painting guns
Furnace for molds 100°C
Booth for molds-1
Furnace mold 350°C-1
Booth for molds-2
Furnace mold 350°C-2