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All the plants produced by HTE-Novac for the heat treatment of aluminium coils and the annealing of foils follow the company's energy saving policy that aims also at the minimum possible maintenance and the product's total quality.
The furnaces are of the kind with forced air circulation, with the charge placed on tuck walls embedded in the furnace bottom flooring. The air is heated by means of sets of electric immersion heaters operated in continuous modulation and placed in the side walls of the muffle furnace, or by means of radiant tube burners placed in the side walls of the muffle furnace.
Given the large overall dimensions of the furnaces, they are built with prefabricated panels ready to be assembled and sealed on the spot, greatly reducing the set-up time.
The furnaces are provided with a suitable number of anti-explosive panels, able to ensure an outlet for overpressure in case the inside pressure should rise.
The speed of the recirculation fans inside the furnace is controlled through an inverter by the control system, so as to be adjusted to the thickness of the charged sheets.

Coils furnace 90 TON
Coils furnace 90 TON
Foils furnace 32 TON