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Heat treatment furnaces for alluminium components with baskets
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At  BREMBO S.p.A. (Italy), Brembo s.r.o. (CZ), Brembo Mexico and Brembo China, HTE-Novac have been designed and installed #10 (ten) lines with low power consumption for heat treatment in continuous castings, engine blocks, brakes, buckets in alluminium.
The plant, with an innovative design, with a production capacity of up to 2,500 kg / h of aluminum, present many interesting technological solutions result of research and experience carried out in different areas where HTE-Novac is operating and leader, successfully for many years.
Peculiar characteristics of the lines are the reduced energy consumption, obtained thanks to efficient systems of recovery of the heat of combustion, with utilization of residual heat contained in the fumes of combustion for the heating of the aging furnace; Nessy patented system, that the technical department of HTE-Novac continues to constantly improve to ensure maximum efficiency, aimed at reducing energy consumption for a lower environmental impact.
All the systems are entirely controlled by a sophisticated supervision system, capable of managing the technological cycle and the treatment temperatures by means of a user interface of the type "friendly" to reduce to the minimum the time of training of staff.
Two additional lines similar to those described above have been successfully installed at the firm Nemak division Czech Republic and Nemak division Slovakia, for a total of #12 (twelve) lines running 24h / day - 360 days / year.
To demonstrate the validity of the projects and the overall plant reliability.